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What high-level view I learned from working for Alipay in Ant Finiancial

05/ 2018 - 08/ 2018 | Alipay Team, Ant Finiancial, Alibaba Group | User Design / Engineer Intern

Upcoming in Nov


Redefine a new school lifestyle with more fun, accessible for everyone in one touch

11/ 2015 - 10/ 2016 | Qiushichao Team, Zhejiang University | User Research, Mobile App Interaction Design

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What will Git for Designer look like... What? OK... You don't know Git...

01 /2018 - 05 /2018 | Interaction Design Course Project | Interaction Design, Prototype

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Fulfill the urgent need of busy patients and chronic disease patients in China in alternative ways

03/ 2015 - 06/ 2015 | Business Culture and Entrepreneurship, Zhejiang University | Market Research, Business Process Design, Strategy

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Invoke deep dreams of forest in heavy city mist by a beatiful heart travel

05/ 2016 - 11/ 2016 | Student Research Training Program, Zhejiang University | Technology Research, Interaction Design, Architecture Design

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Design for animals with a view of animals to make an shelter for us animals - all the way from fund to adoption

09/ 2015 - 11/ 2015 | Architecture Design, Zhejiang University | 'Product' Research, Architecture Design

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A synthesized project I've been working on for 24 years.
... all right you catch ME!


I was a coder at the beginning. I was an exploring architect. I like combination beauty between technology and design. Because once they being together, the mixing magic can make life easier and joyful. That’s why I am now learning Human-Computer Interaction at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.


I am still exploring the world of coding and designing at the same time, especially the method of interaction design, user research, usability test, prototype coding and more at school. By some small projects, I realize my efforts can work out to help local community and organizations. I really enjoy my way of design - help people near me to solve their problems, then push it forward and broader.

To be what’s next, is a hard thing to say. Even though I realize changing the status quo sometimes hurts, and the ideas won’t come true immediately, to design for a better future never goes wrong.


Design for me is a curve line with points on it. Instead of drawing tons of points in random order or drawing one point at the time, going through the beautiful line is what I want to achieve. I'm graduating in April 2019 and looking for open and fun people to work with in summer 2018!

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